Ventum’s Instagram contains of short poems artistically edited that all together form a very astatically pleasing Instagram page. Underneath each short poem you will be able to find a longer caption where the author elaborates the short poem. An overflow of powerful feelings. This platform is also a platform where the author keeps in touch this his readers by making frequently q&a’s and giveaways and much more.




On Facebook you will be able to find poems, sayings and longer writings. There will also be relief informations about ongoing or upcoming projects.




On Twitter you will be able to get much closer to the author. Besides quotes, poetry and sayings you will get a more personal side of the author.




Tik Tok @ventumofficial ( coming soon )

On TikTok you will find spoken poetry in the form of animated and illustrated videos. This is something you exclusively get to experiance on TikTok.




Let’s build our own world on Patreon! Being a member of the community comes with plenty of benefits and excusive offers. By joining you will receive a poetry e-book every month. A monthly gift from me to you. You will have access to exclusive giveaways and special edition books, self-help guides, discounts and much more.