A storm, a hurricane - the English translation of the word ‘Ventum’ These are just the fitting words to describe the universe of raw feelings created by the Albanian author who debuted with his very first book “In love with pain” in 2019. A book that contains some of the author’s splendid poems. Poems which take basis on a large knowledge that the author has gained through his experience of working with song lyrics as a songwriter. The author’s interest in psychology and human relations also contributes to this. Furthermore, the author has been, and is continuously, inspired by the influential poet Walt Whitman. However, Ventum grew up to American rap and his favorite artist is NF. Ventum is mostly known for his Instagram poetry account where he shares short poems for free with the intention to inspire and make the reader feel and see deeply into the world that the author inhabit. Ventum can also be found on platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok.