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Letting go can make you unstoppable. It can free you and reclaim your life. It can create the best of change. But how do you let go of someone who you planned to share a lifetime of experiences with? How do you let go of someone that once was a part of your life and with whom you shared everything with? letting go of someone you truly have loved and still love is one of the most difficult things in the world but as harsh as it sounds sometimes it’s necessary. The following article will provide you tips and tools on how to truly let go of someone. 


1. Try to let yourself feel the grief

The very first step on truly letting go of someone, and also the hardest part of ending a relationship, is feeling the loss. Try to make peace with the thought of not having that person in your life anymore. Even though it is really hard. The thing is that person held a special significance. That person became the primary person to turn to for love, comfort, and security and now all of a sudden you need to find a way to provide that love, comfort, and security for yourself without that person in your life. It is actually a quite overwhelming thing and therefore you should let yourself feel the grief. Do not push it away. Pushing it away or suppressing what you truly feel will bottle up all the negative feelings inside you and then at some point you won’t be able to control it anymore it will burst out in anger. Therefore let yourself feel the grief and make peace with the thought of not having that person in your life anymore. 


2. Talk to someone

Talk to someone about what you feel. Holding your feelings inside will not get you anymore. If anything you will be stuck and you will make it even more difficult for yourself to move on. So talk to a near friend or a family member that you truly trust and have a true heart to heart about the whole situation. This will get you a step closer to truly letting go of that person. 


3. Replace negative thought with positive ones

Instead of focusing on thoughts like ‘I’ll never find someone else who loves me like that person did’ or ‘I’m gonna be so alone’ try to think positive thoughts and focus on how many opportunities there will be. You will have more time to focus on yourself. Try to focus on what that relationship brought you and how it changed you for the better. See the whole situation as a growing process because as you know growing comes with pain. 


4. Keep the distance 

You may feel tempted to check up on the other person - but don’t. Do not read old messages, nor look at old photos or videos. This will only get you stuck in what was and you will feel sad and feel the urge to reach out to that person in hopes of bringing back what you guys had. But the thing is, things have changed now and no matter how much you try to go back to those happy moments you won’t be able to. The only thing it will bring you is the intense feeling of loss. Therefore protect and guard your heart by keeping the distance. And yes, you might think it is easier said than done - EVERYTHING IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE, but once you make up in your mind and you make a decision that this is going to be it and that you are not going back, you can fully move on. So make a choice of removing that person from you life totally. That includes deleting picture, videos, messages whatever it might be that will get you all back from where you started.


5. Take care of yourself

Practice self-care and use this time to get to learn yourself. This time may make you feel lonely and very displeasing, but instead of focusing on that focus on the fact that you get to spend more time with yourself and keep in mind that with uneasy comes growth and development. Use this time to work towards a better and healthier version of yourself. Go through it with a mindset of ‘I’m gonna come out stronger than ever’ and trust me you will reach a point where you will find yourself happier than ever.








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