In Love With Pain

by ventum 

In love with pain is a journey through an impetuous tempest of a broken heart, mended within ink in the form of short and long poems. A journey of two strangers, the writer and the reader, filled with words of love, pain, anger and passion.



  • "she´s cold, but she feels like sunshine in the winter"


  • "what makes me sad, is the love we almost had"


  • "love her freely, she has her own wings to fly"


  • "loving you, is healing me"


  • "storm in her eyes, peace in her smile"


  • "but dear, there is sun after rain, love after pain"


  • "like the moon, not always full but always beautiful"




Ventum’s Instagram contains of short poems artistically edited that all together form a very astatically pleasing Instagram page. Underneath each short poem you will be able to find a longer caption where the author elaborates the short poem. An overflow of powerful feelings. This platform is also a platform where the author keeps in touch this his readers by making frequently q&a’s and giveaways and much more.


On Facebook you will be able to find poems, sayings and longer writings. There will also be relief informations about ongoing or upcoming projects.


On Twitter you will be able to get much closer to the author. Besides quotes, poetry and sayings you will get a more personal side of the author.